It all started with a phone call to a prospective client that Hiba had made contact with via LinkedIn. In our digital age we find that even in a corporate sales setting, a lot of mature business owners have a younger, more “tech-savvy” counterpart that helps fill the gaps when it comes to marketing. That person on the other line was Jake. Jake is a passionate mortgage banker that has a knack for lead generation by using his videography and social media channels as a platform to connect with and grow his potential customer base.

Jake was well known as “Jake-The-Mortgage-Guy”. His background in the housing and mortgage industry and marketing made him a valuable asset to his company. Hiba was prospecting and growing business as a consultant at that time for a predominantly known marketing/publishing company within the Cleveland area.

They decided to meet at a local coffee shop to talk about advertising and marketing plans for this potential client. Right there they found an immediate connection while talking about video opportunities and how important it is to incorporate this type of advertising in any digital marketing plan.

As a proud mother of three wonderful children, Hiba has always had a strong commitment for business and personal life balance. That’s why digital marketing and marketing in general have always been a passion of hers, with the way they work together seamlessly. She has been extremely successful when it comes to generating sales and creating meaningful partnerships. She embodies the entire process, from consulting and strategizing to execution. 

Both are experts at forming long-lasting relationships with customers to help them grow their businesses. Jake and Hiba had a mutual gravitation to business and marketing, which evoked the idea of one day owning a firm together. Jake, the dynamic cinematographer, and Hiba, the corporate sales and natural leader, found a niche that became RJ Donnelly. The naming process was a little unconventional but we will have to save that for another blog. The two knew that once they started this media firm it was going to be something great. 

Here we are now, almost one year later, growing a new business amidst a pandemic. This has shown us just how strong we are and how we can overcome even the most outlandish of situations. Learning how to not only survive but to thrive by working alongside each other to disrupt the digital marketing space and grow one partnership at a time. We produce video and marketing products that move emotion and connect your customers with the heartbeat of your brand.